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Adopt a Badjr

Physical Badjr

You can either purchase your physical Badjr from TheBadjr or you can convert a mikrotik into one by following these steps.

Get Your Badjr to Knock

First plug your Badjr into a network which has DHCP running via ether1. This will cause your Badjr to start connecting to Unity to make itself available for adoption. The Badjr will start making a knocking sound. Two short bursts of sound, followed by a 10 second pause. This is the Badjr knocking on Unity's door asking to be adopted.

In order to see your new Badjr knocking on your Unity page under Badjrs -> Adopt a Net Badjr you will need to assign the serial number to yourself. You can do this from this page Badjrs -> Add a Net Badjr and choose Physical Badjr from the drop down and enter your serial number as below


Now go to Badjrs -> Adopt a Net Badjr to see your knocking badjr as follows


Adopt your Badjr

This means your Badjr is all ready to be adopted to a site and to take on that site's configuration. So we choose the Badjr we want to adopt and we click Adopt from the right hand side Action menu.


Select the site you want to adopt your site to and let the adoption begin. You will be taken to the site and you can watch the adoption progress on the site page.


Once the Badjr is adopted, it will play a success sound that sounds similar to the Super Mario Sound. Now you know your badjr is adopted and ready for deployment to site. Your site page now looks like this


Congratulations, you have deployed your Badjr. Take it to site and plug it in.