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Turning a Mikrotik into a Badjr

When purchasing a Badjr from Baseline Cloud, you do not need to perform this step. This step is only required if you have Mikrotik's or wish to purchase your own that you wish to turn into Badjrs.

The steps required are as follows

  • Download netinstall, the latest supported firmware and the badjr setup script
  • Configure your PC to run netinstall
  • Hard reset your mikrotik
  • Apply the firmware/startup script

Download netinstall, firmware and Badjr Setup Script

To download these, you need to login to Unity and navigate to Badjrs -> Adopt a Net Badjr and download the links as below. Choose the architecture that matches your mikrotik.


Configure your PC to run netinstall

In order to run netinstall with guaranteed success you should configure your PC on a static IP such as Once this is done, plug your PC directly into PORT 1 or ETHER1 of the mikrotik.

Next open the netinstall ZIP file you downloaded and run the netinstall.exe inside it. It will confirm you should run an unsigned package, you can click 'YES' and it will ask you if it can open your firewall. Also allow this.

You should be presented with the following window


Now you will need to click "Net Booting" and configure an IP next to the static on you assigned earlier. So is a good one as shown below


Hard Reset your Mikrotik

Now power off your mikrotik and hold down the reset button. Power on the mikrotik, keeping the reset button firmly down until 20 seconds have passed, then you should hear a beep. Following this, your Mikrotik will show up in the Routers/Drives box as shown below


Once this appears, you need to select the MAC address.

Apply the firmware/startup script

Locate the firmware version you downloaded earlier, by clicking browse and navigating to the location of your downloaded firmware. After that, you can select it from the list as shown below


Now you need to configure the startup up script. This is done by ticking the box shown in blue below, then click on the "..." as shown in yellow below.


Once this is all completed, you are ready to turn your mikrotik into a Badjr. Click install and let it complete its work (shown by a progress bar).

After the bar is complete, your mikrotik should reboot or you can reboot it yourself. Then plug ether1 into a DHCP enabled network. You should hear the Badjr start to knock.

In order to see your new Badjr knocking on your Unity page under Badjrs -> Adopt a Net Badjr you will need to assign the serial number to yourself. You can do this from this page Badjrs -> Add a Net Badjr and choose Physical Badjr from the drop down and enter your serial number as below


You can proceed to Badjrs -> Adopt a Net Badjr