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Create Partner

This is your organisation as you are partnering with The Badjr to deliver a higher value networking experience to your customers. To create your partner you can access any page or if you have just registered you will be presented with the Add Partner page.


Partner Basename

When creating your partner details, please note the Partner Basename, this is an important part of your identification as a partner and will be used continuously through your partner experience. It must be a lowercase unique representation of your company name.

e.g. If your company was //Acme Incorporated// should have a basename of acme.

DDNS Domain Name

Availability on the internet is a key part of having a Badjr manage your network. There is a built in DDNS service which would make your badjr findable on the internet. Should you have your own domain name you would like to use as a DDNS base. Please make sure the NS records for that domain point to and before you add your sites.

Create Partner Settings

Your partner has some technical settings regarding passwords the email address to which alerts will be sent.


The mikrotik interface has 2 users, admin is the user which is used by Unity to manage the Badjr and is not used by the partner. The support user is the main user for logging into the mikrotik interface should you need to.

Now you have created your partner, you can proceed to Add Client