Setup VPN Windows 10 and DC

This document will show you how to setup a VPN to a badjr managed network with a domain controller from a windows 10 workstation. These instructions are aimed at the IT professional (And Badjr Partner) who is setting up his client's VPN connection so certain obvious steps will be ommitted.

  1. Right click the network icon in the system tray and choose “Open Network & Internet Settings”
  2. In the Settings page, click VPN on the left hand side
  3. Then click “Add a VPN Connection”
    • Name the Connection
    • The server name is available on the Unity site page for this site. (e.g. site.itcompany.badjr.live)
    • For VPN Type, The Badjr officially recommends L2TP/IPSec with pre-shared key, but you can select PPTP or SSTP.
    • L2TP/IPSec will be demonstrated here
    • You will need the following from the VPN page of your Site on Unity
      • Pre-shared key
      • Username
      • Password
    • Then “Save”
  4. If you do not have a Domain Controller, this is all that is required.

If the client has a domain controller on site, you will need to perform a number of further steps to ensure the domain works correctly over the VPN.

  1. Go to underlying connection properties by;
    1. From the Network Settings page (above), click on “Change Adaptor Options”.
    2. Right click on the connection you just created
    3. Select “Properties”
    4. Choose “Networking” Tab
    5. Select “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and Click “Properties”
    6. Click “Advanced”
  2. Change the Metric of the VPN by
    1. Uncheck “Automatic Metric”
    2. Change the interface metric to 1
      • Why? This prioritizes the VPN as the default network to do DNS lookups, important for resolving hostnames to the network at the office.
  3. Setup DNS by
    1. Add the onsite DC as the DNS server
    2. Set the “DNS suffix for this connection” to the domain name of the network
    3. Check the “Register this connection's addresses in DNS” checkbox
    4. Check the “Use this connection's DNS suffix in DNS registration” checkbox
  4. Setup WINS by
    1. Add the Domain Controllers address as the WINS server
  5. Open CMD and run __ipconfig /flushdns
  6. Restart the machine
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