Getting Started

This section covers the quickest route from zero to Badjr hero. It doesn't cover any of the extended features, but gets your first Badjr deployed as fast as humanly possible. To do this we need to do the following

  • Register your email with Unity (the cloud software portal)
  • Create your partner and capture your company details. This defines;
    • passwords,
    • support email addresses
    • organisation details
  • Creating a client which can have multiple offices (sites).
  • Creating a site, which will sit under your client and contains lots of technical detail on how that site's IT is structured.
  • Adopting a Badjr which is the easiest step since all the hard work is done designing how the IT across the client and site should look. All this step does is “make it so” (Thank you Jean-Luc)

Once you have completed the above steps, you can explore at your leisure or read the reference documentation on how to perform specific tasks.

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